Professional Development

The Ohio Geographic Alliance is currently developing some professional development opportunities for Ohio teachers. Until those opportunities are announced, we recommend the following professional development resources.

  1. Teaching Geographyhttps://www.learner.org/workshops/geography/
    A free, eight-part professional development workshop for 7th-12th grade teachers by the Annenberg Foundation. Teaching Geography is a self-paced, online learning experience utilizing video case studies, video documentaries, commentary by geography experts, and additional resources on the website. The eight workshop topics are

    1. Introduction
    2. Latin America
    3. North America
    4. North Africa/Southwest Asia
    5. Sub-Saharan Africa
    6. Russia
    7. Europe
    8. Global Forces/Local Impact
  2. AP Human Geography
    1. College Board AP Human Geography Page: resources, overview of the course, and links to professional development workshops.
    2. Chesterfield County Public Schools AP Human Geography PD page – a page of resources and content provided during a workshop on AP Human Geography.
  3. National Geographic Education resources by APHG topics.
  4. Geography and the Environment in American History – $49. A three credit hour self-paced course from PBS covering the following goals:
    1. How human actions modify the physical environment, including the consequences of human modification of the environment.
    2. How human systems develop in response to aspects of the physical environment.
    3. How characteristics of different physical environments affect human activities.
    4. How to integrate geography into your American history courses

Please check this page frequently to find an updated list of professional development opportunities and opportunities to work with OGA!