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The Ohio Geographic Alliance is funded by a grant from the National Geographic Education Foundation. The NGS Education Foundation supports educational activities conducted by National Geographic and provides grants to other organizations that work to advance the Foundation’s mission.

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What is Geographic Literacy?

According to the National Geographic Society, Geo-Literacy is: “Geo-literacy is the term that National Geographic has adopted to describe the understanding of how our world works that all members of modern society require. Geo-literacy is the ability to reason about Earth systems and interconnections to make far-reaching decisions. Whether we are making decisions about where to live or what precautions to take for natural hazards, we all make decisions that require geo-literacy throughout our lives…Geo-literacy is a new term for a long-standing idea consisting of three components: interactions, interconnections and implications”]

Articles about Geo-Literacy

  • What is Geographic Education? –An article by the National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE).
  • Geo-Literacy: preparation for Far-Reaching Decisions –An article by Dr. Daniel C. Edelson, Ph.D.
  • The Challenges of Defining Geo-Literacy – An article by Dr. Daniel C. Edelson, Ph.D.

 Why are students so bad at geography?

National Geographic’s Education Blog tackles the question of why students are bad at geography:

Videos related to Geographic Literacy

What is Geo-literacy?  source: National Geographic Education Program

Why is Geo-literacy important? source: National Geographic Education Program

Gil Grosvenor: Why We Need Geography source: Ford Cochran
National Geographic Society Chairman of the Board Gil Grosvenor discusses why effective democracy requires geographic literacy, and other benefits of geographic education.

Spatial Thinking: Development of Skills and Concepts  Across the Early Years

A report prepared by Audrey Mohan and Lindsey Mohan (2013) on behalf of the National Geographic Network of Alliances for Geographic Education with funding by the National Geographic Education Foundation.

“Spatial Thinking is arguably one of the most important ways of thinking for a student to develop.  This report synthesizes spatial thinking research with respect to mapping concepts and skills.”  (more)

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